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Club Favorite Feeds
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Club Favorite Feeds

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Game Companies

The Avalon Hill Game Company: Now HASBRO Games. We play many of their fine games at CGC.

Wizards of the Coast home of Magic: The Gathering and other fine products

Clash Of Arms Games: Makers of From Valmy to Waterloo, Command at Sea and many other excellent titles.

Crucifiction Games Cutting Edge Role-Playing Games and Gaming Products For Cutting Edge Gamers

Fantasy Flight Games: Makers of Board games, collectable card game and role playing games. Artwork on entire product line is uncomparable!!!

Flame of War: World War 2 Minatures rule system and figures at its finest. Check out the CGC Flames of War After Action Reports

GMT Games Purveyor of fine strategy wargames,
including Mark McLaughlin's Napoleonic Wars and Wellington

Matrixgames.com Many of your favorite boardgames have now been computerized. Plus a host of your favorite pc war games brought back to life

Renaissance Ink Jay Wirth's excellent game site. Your home for bases, paints and flocking and CGC long time sponsor.

Rio Grande Games Home of family strategy games from Europe and America.


Parting Shots

"I'm inclined to think that a military background
would not hurt anyone."

William Faulkner