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May 12th, 2012

CGC Scheduled Events

-Updated 6/10/2012 5:28 PM

Meeting location:

 Stratford Hotel and Convention Center

225 Lordship Blvd. Stratford CT  Map


Miniatures Events

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Board games




9 AM


Title: DBA

Host: Roland Fricke

Rules:  DBA ver 2.2+


Description:  Try the updated DBA, version 2.2+.    Loaner armies will be available.  Open play for all time periods so bring your favorite army and see how it does in version 2.2+..   Latest Beta 2 release of the DBA 2.2+ rules can be found HERE    Version Beta 2 release note are HERE.


9 AM





OPEN Boardgaming.  Please bring any games you would like to play.





2 PM


Title:  Rex: Last Days of an Empire

Host: Dave Stephens

Players: 4-6,  Time: 2-4 hours







2 PM


Title:  Traversant la Rivière

Host: Phil Spera

Rules:   Elan de Guerre,  AtoZ Rules for the Campaigns of Napoleon, 3rd Ed.


Description: This will be the first in a series of battles that are linked together for the next several months at the CGC Meeting in Stratford. The outcome of this battle will determine the scenario for the next one. Players can play in as many events as the like. Rules to be taught. 15mm French vs Austro/Russian forces   Players: 6







7 PM  


Title: Black Hawk Rescue

Host: Tom Cusa

Rules: This Very Ground


Description: A few days ago a Black Hawk raiding party burned out some local colonial farms and took hostages. The locals along with some help form the local British garrison have tracked the raiders back to thier village only to discover the French are staging there for a major attack. Can the British spoil the French plans, and will the hostages be rescued? We shall see...  hey does that guy look like Daniel Day Lewis to you?


7 PM