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June 9th, 2012

CGC Scheduled Events

-Updated 6/10/2012 5:29 PM

Meeting location:

 Stratford Hotel and Convention Center

225 Lordship Blvd. Stratford CT  Map


Miniatures Events

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Board games




9 AM


Title: DBA

Host: Roland Fricke

Rules:  DBA ver 2.2+


Description:  Try the updated DBA, version 2.2+.    Loaner armies will be available.  Open play for all time periods so bring your favorite army and see how it does in version 2.2+..   Latest Beta 2 release of the DBA 2.2+ rules can be found HERE    Version Beta 2 release note are HERE.


9 AM





OPEN Boardgaming.  Please bring any games you would like to play.








2 PM

Title: Dungeonquest

Host: Dave Stephens

Players: 2-4

Time: 2 hours


2 PM


Title:  Par le Col

Host: Phil Spera

Rules:   Elan de Guerre,  AtoZ Rules for the Campaigns of Napoleon, 3rd Ed.


Description: This will be the second in a series of battles that are linked together for the next several months at the CGC Meeting in Stratford. The outcome of this battle will determine the scenario for the next one. Players can play in as many events as the like. Rules to be taught. 15mm French vs Austro/Russian forces.  Players: 6




Title: 15mm American Revolution

Host: Jared Fishman

Rules: Black Powder



Description: I’d like to run a small scenario playtesting the Black Powder system of rules.  The scenario will be an attacker defender engagement in which the British are defending a key set of roads.  This game will be fast moving due to a few modifications I’ve made and I’d like to get a general consensus about the positives and negatives of the rules.  The game will probably run close to two hours.




7 PM  


Title:  Irresistible Force Meets

           Immovable Object: Borisov 1941

Host: Fritz Helisch

Rules: Sequence of Play: Fire Team

           (Westend Games), Combat

           System: Axis and Allies

           Miniatures (15mm)


Description:  The nimble, dashing, and deadly Wehrmacht cannot fail but be impressed by the sluggish and ill lead, but cunning and courageous Russians.  Here, a German infantry company and motorcycle platoon with various supporting units take on a Russian infantry battalion in hasty defensive positions.  But wait…Ivan has a surprise for Fritz (not me, Dummkopf!)…tanks! Well…the Germans have them too. 


Using Fire Teams unpredictable sequence of play to model the national capabilities of the historical contestants and the simple combat system of Axis and Allies (can you roll 4’s. 5’s, and 6’s?),  this will be a fast moving game of tense decision making and maneuver.  Did I mention the pretty tankiepoohs?    Players: 4-8.



7 PM


Title: Midway What If.


Host: John Demeter

Rules:  SK5 (New Computer Aided

           Damage Resolution)




Description:  June 4th 1942.  After suffering a devistating blow to his carriers Nagumo ordered his Fast BBs and CAs to run down the American carriers.   He came alot closer than most people know - less than 80 miles at one point before turning around.   What if he pushed on?  Could the crusers of the American screen hold off the heavies for long enough to let the Hornet and Enterprise escape? Maybe even save the then completely savable Yorktown?